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Samsung UE46B7000WW LED, dane-elec so smart, ndas, HDMI and audio

A couple of months ago I’ve bought a LED Television: the Samsung UE46B7000 a 46″ LED TV from Samsung, with full networking, yahoo internet widgets, media center and so on.

Yesterday I received for my (late) birthday a HDD Mediacenter Box (the dane-elec so smart, click here for specs).

The box come with a NDAS (more info here) technology used to dinamically connect a storage (the HDD box) via networks (both ethernet and wifi) and usb with multiple clients that concurrently read and write data from/to disk.

Unfortunally Ubuntu does not have native support for such technology but ximeta made available a suite of kernel modules and daemons (you can find both packages here and all installation instructions here

After package installation I was able to mount the drive without any cable. I’ve transferred a divx to the hdd (the caprica pilot, for instance), connected the hdd to my LED TV with the hdmi cable provided with the box and start watching the video.

But…. no sound went out from speakers. Damn! I thought was a codec problem, so I’ve attached the box by using the old fashion AV cables and (even if on a merely 576i sd mode) sound came out loudy (oops… I forgot to lower the TV volume….).

Then I’ve tried to connect another HDMI device (my lenovo sl500) using that hdmi cable and port and the audio came out, again.

So I’ve opened a ticket to the dane-elec asking if it would be a well known issue maybe resolved by menas of a new firmware version (in any case I’ve installed the last available firmware from the dane-elec site in the support section).

Dane-elec today replied to my ticket stating that the box is a HDMI 1.1 box and my TV, maybe HDMI 1.2, does not implements a retro-compatibility to 1.1 standard. They suggested contacting Samsung for a solution (another firmware installation, for sure. Nowadays there is a firmware for any device. Tomorro I will download a new firmware for my Swatch…).

I’ve checked my TV specs and, as I thought, it implements HDMI version 1.3… I don’t really know the differences between 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (search for them on wikipedia) but maybe this is the way to the solution. Is it possible to set one of the four HDMI ports to a downlevel version?

I’ve googled a lot finding nothing. Then I’ve decided to play a little with the service menu of the TV  (you can access the service menu by pressing in sequence the info, menu, mute, power buttons on TV remote when the TV is in standby).

The menu is really huge and there are tons of parameters with an obscure meaning to me….

I’ve browsed all the menus reading all the menu items and all the menu options… until…. eheheh I’ve found What I needed!

Choose Options->EDID in the service menu. Select EDID ON/OFF and choose ON. Press Return and select EDID 1.2 PORT. Choose HDMIx (with x the port you want to use as HDMI 1.2) and connect the box to that port (I’ve choosed HDMI2).

Now power off the TV then power on it again (to close the service menu) and enjoy your movie with sound.

Ciao Ciao


LeftHand settings for synaptics touchpad tap

I’m left-handed and I use both mouse (on the left side) and the touchpad. So I always change the mouse settings as per left-handed people.

In doing this, also the first and third button on the touchpad are swapped and tapping no longer works as expected (because is mapped to third button click).

This is a little frustrating mostly if you (as I do) prefer tapping for both click and for drag and drop. To resolve this issue you have play a little with Synaptics configuration and Gnome Sessions.

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Change mouse cursors in Ubuntu. Left Handed cursor theme

I’m left-handed and I use to have the mouse at the left-side of my desktop. Unfortunally mouse pointers are for right-handed people and always point to the left. This is a little bit confusing (Yes you can think I’m a strange person 🙂 ) and I googled a little to find a cursor theme for left-handed people.

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Lenovo ThinkPad SL Series hotkeys (brightness, volume and ultranav)Karmic

The company I work for gave to me a Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 notebook in which I’ve installed Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10).
Almost all has gone at the first shot but I discovered that the SL series is not a “real” ThinkPad and the thinkpad_acpi module doesn’t work at all with sl series laptops.
Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute buttons did not work and brightness was a mess: on power saving the brightness increased, pressing the brightness Up button (Fn+Home) decreased and pressing the brightness down button (Fn+End) increased.
Googleing at firs led nothing until…. I found an experimental module developed by Alexandre Rostovtsev (tetronimo).
Here a step by step guide to let Lenovo SL Series laptop hotkeys start working.

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